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HOT PROMOTION:  Three for Free!

After enrolling, you'll have 30-days to refer three people to License Coach.  If you successfully refer three people within the 30-day timeframe, License Coach will refund the cost of your course.  



Please take advantage of our National Agents Alliance corporate rate.  When enrolling, you will be prompted to input an NAA Coupon Code.  If you do not have a NAA Coupon Code, please contact your upline manager for assistance.  

Message from the President & CEO of National Agents Alliance:

Congratulations for enrolling in License Coach! You’ve just completed the first step to moving forward in your career as an insurance agent! The first step is often the hardest part – now all you have to do is get your license and start making sales.

After you complete the course and pass the exam, you’ll be able to work your way up to your desired income at your desired hours. You will have the power to make your own success – your future is in your hands and you’re headed toward great things with National Agents Alliance.

As you’re studying for your exam, you can practice making sales calls and spend time learning all that you can from National Agents Alliance's weekly conference call and webinars, like the Wednesday Call and other resources on

My advice to you is to study hard and get to work! The sooner you take and pass the test, the sooner you will be out selling and having fun, making money and making a difference! With National Agents Alliance, you have the power to change people’s lives by providing them with the life insurance coverage they need to protect their loved ones’ financial future. You have the power to make a difference with National Agents Alliance – so take the test and get out there and work!
I'm so grateful that you chose to work with The Alliance. Work hard to get through licensing, because I'm ready to meet you and shake your hand when you place your first policy and earn your IBA level!

- Andy Albright



Getting involved with National Agents Alliance is a great option for people with and without prior insurance or sales experience. People who want the opportunity to earn a great income, but think they lack the necessary skill, experience or education are welcomed at NAA because we offer advice for getting licensed, training on products and sales tactics, and mentoring opportunities with top producers in National Agents Alliance.

In order to sell insurance, agents are legally required to take a licensure course and pass the exam for their particular state. National Agents Alliance is glad to direct you through the process of obtaining your license and getting familiar with the business. We will guide you through the process of becoming a successful insurance agent with National Agents Alliance. 


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